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Courses in MartialBody Foundations

Chris Davis

HeavyBody - Foundations

The HeavyBody Foundations course will teach you basic exercises in a structured progressive way. There are also some follow along routines and useful tests with a partner.

Chris Davis

StableBody - Foundations

The StableBody Foundations course will teach you how to align, harmonize and optimize your body. Create whole body power and harmony with StableBody.

Chris Davis

ConnectedBody - Foundations

The ConnectedBody foundations help you to develop the tissues and neurological associations required to move with power and strength through any plane of motion. Link the body together and gain Connected Power. With Connected Body.


Heavy & Stable Bundle

Become Heavy & Stable with the foundation course bundle from MartialBody.


Heavy, Stable & Connected

Gain the attributes of being heavy, stable and connected with MartialBody

Chris Davis
£25.00 / month

KEIKO - from MartialBody

Ongoing monthly 'Practice' course where Coach Chris will be providing structured ongoing lessons & guidence in MartialBody Training, from beginner to advanced levels.