ElasticBody is a vital part of any martial artist skillset

Lightness skills are famous in some Martial Arts, not for the mythical ability to jump or leap across rooftops, but simply because they make exponents fast and agile. These ElasticBody sessions will guide you though 45 Minute training classes that will help you to improve your lightness, agility and movement skill.

Attend a MartialBody Classes in own home.

These classes are drawn from the back catalogue of weekly virtual MartialBody sessions. These sessions follow a set pattern, often focusing on a specific subject for weeks at a time. This course gives you access to a specially selected series of full classes that you can follow along with in your own home. Sometimes it can be hard to know what to train and when. Take the guess work out, with these MartialBody Sessions and develop your MartialBody Skill.

Course curriculum

  1. 1
    • Welcome to the MartialBody Sessions

    • Using this Material

    • Creating a regular practice

    • Listening to your body

  2. 2
    • ElasticBody & Lightness

    • Feeling Lightness

    • Bouncing and Rebounding

    • Connecting with Lightness

    • Stretch & Recoil

    • ElasticBody Training

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