Have you ever worked with a Martial Arts expert that felt stronger than their size, heavier than their weight and elusively agile?

MartialBody gives you the tools to develop these and more attributes.

When describing MartialBody training we can try to compare it to Yoga, Qigong, Movement training, mobility work or even classic conditioning, but none of these quite describe the MartialBody system. Based on a combination of old Martial Arts movement and conditioning techniques, along with practical modern sports development principles, MartialBody is a unique system focused on the development of the advanced body skill for the Martial Artist or Combat Sports Athlete.

Everything starts with the Body

Performing optimally starts with a body that is capable of carrying out the will of the mind.

MartialBody is based around the development of 6 key attributes or qualities. The attributes create a skilled body that is capable and robust. The 'MartialBody' is the body that is able to display these 6 key attributes naturally and without inhibition. The attributes are; Heaviness, Stability, Connection, Agility, Complexity & Fluidity.

Solo training is the bedrock.

In a world where information is prized over skill, we focus on the need to actually train.

You would never expect to get good at BJJ, or Aikido simply by watching videos or reading books. Why, then, do so many people just collect information about body skill development! MartialBody is based around the need to dedicate time and effort to actual training, to developing the MartialBody over weeks, months and years.

Partner training test your skill

Although solo training underpins everything, it is in the interaction with a partner that we know if our skill is really there.

The toolkit series from MartialBody are short courses on a number of subjects. From how to use the famous 'Centre' to how to create deep twists in the body tissues. These courses can plug right into your training no matter what it is.

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Some of the latest courses from MartialBody

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  • Is MartialBody a martial art?

    No! MartialBody is a supplementary training system to help you better perform in your martial art. Think of it like Yoga or Strength & Conditioning, these are systems many martial artists use to improve flexibility or fitness. MartialBody is the same class of system.

  • Where did MartialBody come from?

    MartialBody is the product of founder Chris Davis' extensive research and training in martial arts and body method development practices.

  • Is MartialBody unique?

    Some methods in the MartialBody system are derived from traditional Martial Arts, traditional body method development etc. However, the way in which the system is structured and trained is unique to MartialBody.

  • Who is MartialBody for?

    MartialBody is designed to help anyone not just Martial Artists. We have downhill Skiers, Dancers, Movement practitioners and Tennis Players all training in MartialBody to improve their given practice.

  • Is MartialBody suitable for young and old alike?

    Yes! MartialBody can be scaled to suit any age or level of fitness. The underlying principles are being trained by people in their teens and those in their 70's alike.

  • If I subscribe can I cancel any time?

    Yes! The MartialBody subscription give you access to hundreds of lessons and hours of tuition, but if you decide it isn't for you, or circumstances change, simply cancel in a few easy steps.