Start your day with 10 Minutes of MartialBody Breathing, Movement & Stretching

  • Follow along lessons

    Follow along with Coach as he goes through 2 different 10 minute morning routines.

  • Technique Library

    Use the technique library for more in depth explorations of each of the methods found in the routines.

  • Take the 10 day challenge

    10 minutes for 10 Days! Its not a lot of time but it will give you a real taste of how good it feels to get moving in the mornings!

Course curriculum

  • 01
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    • MartialBody mornings
    • What is MartialBody Training?
    • How to use this course
  • 02
    The Routine
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    • Before you start & When you finish
    • The Morning Routine 1 - Approx 11 Minutes
    • The Morning Routine 2 - Approx 9 Minutes
  • 03
    Technique Library
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    • Setting Up the Frame
    • Breath Led Release
    • Extended Breath Release
    • Waking up the feet
    • Waking up the tissues & Skeleton
    • Round Body Swing
    • Flapping wings swing
    • Running Swing
    • Spine Hang and Sway
    • Axis Extension
    • Arm Bridge Extension
    • Feeling the ground reaction

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