The Beginners course for Everyone.

The MartialBody Primer course is not just for beginner martial artists. In fact it is as useful for those with decades of experience as those new to the arts. This is because this course is designed to introduce the unique and highly useful skills of the MartialBody Method for those that have not embarked on this type of training before.

Keiko : A Focus on Practice!

This course is the first in the 'Keiko' or 'Practice' series of courses from MartialBody. As such it is designed to maximise your ability to dedicate time to training. Coach Chris will guide you through training over a 2 month period that will transform your body & mind, and begin your personal journey towards your very own 'MartialBody'.
Keiko : A Focus on Practice!

A Complete Beginning

This course presents you with everything you need to know about MartialBody. From the ideas that form the basis of the system, to a detailed look at each of the main 'bodies' that we aim to train. You will start your journey with a complete understanding of why you are doing what you are doing!
A Complete Beginning

Creating a training habit

The MartialBody Primer is focused on maximizing your development through the practice of the methods. As such this course is built around training schedules. Throughout the 60 Day period you will be able to follow a schedule of training where you will perform one of the many 'Follow Along' MartialBody training sessions.
Creating a training habit

Take the guess work out of your training.

The MartialBody Primer includes multiple 'Follow Along' sessions that cover the main subjects in this course. You will be able to load up the session and follow along on your TV, phone or laptop. Each session takes between 20 - 35 minutes and is specifically designed by Coach to follow the foundation practices of MartialBody in the correct sequence.
Take the guess work out of your training.

Not sure what you should be doing? No problem!

Practice is the Key objective of this course, but sometimes you may not know what the details of a specific method are. No Problem! Included in this course is a complete library of every technique and method found in the follow along sessions. When in doubt, simply head to the detailed instructional, clarify the method then get back to practice!
Not sure what you should be doing? No problem!

Whats included in the MartialBody Primer Course

MartialBody Primer - From the Keiko Training Series

  • 01
    Welcome to MartialBody!
    Show details
    • Welcome to the MartialBody Primer!
    • What is MartialBody - Overview
    • The 6 'Bodies' of the system
    • The Approach to training
    • Heavy, Stable & Connected
    • Key Concepts - Attention
    • key Concepts - Breathing
    • Important note on training
    • How to get the most out of this course
  • 02
    Month 1 - Follow along sessions
    Show details
    • Welcome to month 1!
    • Month 1 - Schedule of Training
    • Session 1 - HeavyBody - Guided Session
    • Session 1 - HeavyBody - without narration
    • Session 1 - HeavyBody - Technique List
    • Session 2 - StableBody - Guided session
    • Session 2 - StableBody - without narration
    • Session 2 - StableBody - Technique List
    • Session 3 - ConnectedBody - Guided Session
    • Session 3 - ConnectedBody without narration
    • Session 3 - ConnectedBody - Technique List
    • Create your own Schedule
  • 03
    Month 2 - Follow Along Sessions
    Show details
    • Month 2 - Please read!
    • Welcome to Month 2!
    • Month 2 - Schedule of Training
    • Session 1 - Heavy & Stable - With Naration
    • Session 1 - Heavy & Stable - Without Naration
    • Session 2 - Heavy & Connected - With Naration
    • Session 2 - Heavy & Connected - Without Naration
    • Create your own schedule
  • 04
    Technique Library
    Show details
    • Standing Assessment
    • Setting Up the frame
    • HeavyBody - Breath Led Release
    • HeavyBody - Extended Breath Led Release
    • HeavyBody - Spine Hang and Sway
    • HeavyBody - Round Body Swing
    • HeavyBody - Running swing
    • HeavyBody - Axis Swing
    • HeavyBody - Flapping Wings Swing
    • HeavyBody - Backwards Roll
    • HeavyBody - Forwards Roll
    • StableBody - Waking Up the Feet
    • StableBody - Waking Up the Tissues
    • StableBody - Waking up the Skeleton
    • StableBody - Finding the centre
    • StableBody - Linking the Shoulders and Hips
    • StableBody - Linking Elbows and Knees
    • StableBody - Linking hands and feet
    • StableBody - Same Side Stepping
    • StableBody - Leaping side to side
    • StableBody - Turning Horse Steps
    • StableBody - Shiko
    • StableBody - Tight Rope Crawl
    • ConnectedBody - Taut Body State
    • ConnectedBody - Pulling the Axis
    • ConnectedBody - Pulling the Crotch Arch
    • ConnectedBody - Pulling the Side Lines
    • ConnectedBody - Pulling the Arm Bridges
    • ConnectedBody - Pulling the Cross Body
    • ConnectedBody - Axis Snapping the Stick
    • ConnectedBody - Stick Upper Body Bridges
    • ConnectedBody - Axis Raise
    • ConnectedBody - Pushup
    • ConnectedBody - Body Cross Bridge

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