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  • jaime girona

    “In a really horrible year, Martial Body courses have been one of the few nice surprises. Coach Chris keeps improving his explanations, learning from him is an amazing experience”

    “In a really horrible year, Martial Body courses have been one of the few nice surprises. Coach Chris keeps improving his explanations, learning from him is an amazing experience”

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A New Level of Connection

Develop your ConnectedBody

The ConnectedBody foundations was one of the most popular MartialBody courses, and with good reason. Connection gives you a clear advantage in the martial arts. A well developed ConnectedBody will feel stronger and more powerful. CB2 introduces depth of connection in more natural postures and movements, while developing strength in your body.
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New postures and new connections

Creating connections between the major body lines worked with in the Foundations courses is a big focus of this course. We train new postures using advanced concepts to maintain the connection around curved or arched postures.
New postures and new connections

Moving with Connection & awareness

It is all very well to be able to maintain connection in static postures, but Martial Arts tend to be more dynamic. As such, we teach you how to retain connection when you move, working with specific flows and postures, and embedding the skill
Moving with Connection & awareness

Strength in your connection

Utilising Isometrics to enhance the strength of your connection, you will also learn innovative methods to training your ConnectedBody. Power and strength cannot be overlooked, and you will feel the difference from this advanced work!
Strength in your connection

Partner training & context

Learn methods of developing your ConnectedBody with a partner, with the ever innovative and practical partner games. Also included is a dive into some of the ways connection helps in martial scenarios and situations.
Partner training & context

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Course curriculum

  • 01
    About this course
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    • Welcome to the Course
    • Relating this material to the Foundations
    • Internal Structure
    • Connecting in curves
    • Connecting in motion
    • Connection strength
    • Maintenance of extension
    • Anchor point and pull
    • Using over extension
    • Open and Close during Connection
    • Halving the Body
    • Basic Concepts Guide
  • 02
    Linking Postures
    Show details
    • Introduction
    • Posture 1 - Atlas Posture
    • Posture 2 - Earth Posture
    • Posture 3 - Embracing Posture
    • posture 4 - Opening Posture
    • Posture 5 - Water Posture
    • Posture 6 - Dragon Posture
    • CB2 Posture Guide
  • 03
    Linking movements
    Show details
    • Moving with Connection
    • The importance of attention
    • Hunting for Slack
    • Perfect Repetition
    • Movement 1 - Atlas to Earth
    • Movement 2 - Open to Embrace
    • Movement 3 - Water to Water
    • Movement 4 - Dragon to Dragon
    • Practice - Movement Loop
  • 04
    Building Power
    Show details
    • Connection & power
    • Isometrics
    • Retaining extension
    • Protect yourself
    • Isometrics Guide
    • Ripping the Earth
    • Squeezing the Earth
    • Crossbody Bridge training
    • Wall Tearing & Squeezing
    • Double Hand Wall Lifting And Crushing
    • Pushing the wall
  • 05
    Solo Training Plan
    Show details
    • Example training plan
  • 06
    Partner Exercises
    Show details
    • Partner Training 1 - Pushing the Postures
    • Partner Training 2 - Mutual Connection
    • Partner Training 3 - Push Pull
    • Partner Training 4 - Partner Pushing Game
    • Partner Training 5 - Pushing on Isometrics
  • 07
    Applying the ConnectedBody
    Show details
    • Connected Striking
    • The Wall concept
    • Connected Throwing

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