Understand the nature of Fluidity

FluidBody Phase 2 is a framework for understanding how to develop flow, fluidity and changeability. You will learn to understand how a string of 'Changes' creates Fluidity and how to overcome getting 'stuck' in both mind and body.

Theory you can put into practice

The FluidBody Phase 2 is loaded with information to help you to understand the concepts behind fluidity. Armed with this information you will have the skill and knowledge to develop your ability to flow and change in your own martial art or practice.

Learn how to design your own FluidBody development drills

An important part of FluidBody training is the ability to develop drills that train change. In this course you will learn the frame work to create your own partner training methods so as to reliably see improvement over a session and develop the FluidBody attribute in your students, athletes or training partners.

Course curriculum

  1. 1
    • Welcome to FluidBody 2

    • The FluidBody Process

    • The nature of awareness

    • Change & Fluidity

    • Unsticking & Letting Go

    • Breathing & fluidity

    • How to train fluidity

  2. 2
    • Introduction

    • Process 1 - Feeling the body through the breathing cycle

    • Process 2 - Awareness of breath induced direction in the body

    • Process 3 - Awareness of direction and following it with movement

    • Process 4 - Feeling the point of change (exploring the pause)

    • Process 5 - Direction & change with breathing flow

  3. 3
    • Introduction

    • The release of sticking process

    • Process 1 - Postural unsticking

    • Process 2 - Effort unsticking

    • Process 3 - Postural & Effort unsticking

    • Process 4 - Unsticking with movement

    • Process 5 - Free movement while dissolving the sticking points

  4. 4
    • Introduction

    • Games, drills and sparring

    • Understanding progressive training design

    • The importance of boundaries and staying 'in the drill'

    • How to view this specific drill

    • Example progression for Coaching FluidBody partner drills

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