FluidBody Foundations

Unstick your mind with breathing and awareness

All of the advanced body development in the world cant help you if your mind is stuck. FluidBody is the attribute of awareness. In this course you will learn how to harness the power of breathing to bring you to the moment and allow you to act according to the ever changing conditions you find yourself in.

Return to the moment

The FluidBody Attribute is the ability to be in the moment, aware of the conditions you find yourself in, allowing you to act appropriately in a given situation. For millennia Martial Artists have turned to methods of training the mind to enhance their skills. FluidBody utilizes some of these methods, from breath work to awareness tests to enhance this capability.

Making the advanced, easy to understand.

5 star rating

Spiral Body Foundation

Bruce Wells

Great course. Was familiar with most concepts, but the explanations cleared up questions I had. Love the solo exercises!!!!!👌😎

Great course. Was familiar with most concepts, but the explanations cleared up questions I had. Love the solo exercises!!!!!👌😎

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The Building Blocks

Once you understand the foundations of the FluidBody Concept you are able to create and develop new drills and exercises to suit your specific Martial or Movement focus. The FluidBody foundations course is filled with techniques and concepts that you can immediately apply in your personal practice and with your training partners.

Enhancing all of the other Foundations Courses

The FluidBody Foundations is the final course in the MartialBody Foundations series. This course give you information that you can immediately feed into the a material in the other courses. With the addition of the FluidBody Breathing and awareness work, the 5 other 'Bodies' are once again transformed and your training will reach new, deeper, levels of complexity and value.

Gain Flow & Fluidity with proven training methods for the mind, breath and awareness.

A Lynch-pin MartialBody course that will enhance all of the others.

Course curriculum

The foundations course for HeavyBody

  1. 1
    • FluidBody - introduction

    • FluidBody - Breathing

    • FluidBody 03 - Awareness

    • FluidBody - Present Movement

    • FluidBody - Combining the Concepts

    • FluidBody - Pre planning & Post analysis

  2. 2
    • Breathing Section Introduction

    • Breathing - Sensations and advice

    • Breathing - Setting the Scene

    • Breathing - Technique 1 - Natural Breathing

    • Breathing - Technique 2 - Belly Breathing

    • Breathing - Technique 3 - Compression Breathing

    • Breathing - Method 1 - Counting the Breaths

    • Breathing - Method 2 - Pyramid Breaths

    • Breathing - Method 3 - 5 Gates Breathing - Introduction

    • Breathing - Method 3 - 5 Gates - Hands

    • Breathing - Method 3 - 5 Gates - Feet

    • Breathing - Method 3 - 5 Gates - Crown

  3. 3
    • Awareness - Introduction

    • Awareness - Expanding awareness seated

    • Awareness - Expanding awareness Standing

    • Awareness - Expanding Awareness Moving

    • Awareness - Partner method 01 - observing the reaction

    • Awareness - Partner method 2 - Standing observation

  4. 4
    • Movement - Solo Challenge 1 - Wall Ball

    • Movement - Partner Challenge - Stick Avoidance

    • Movement - Partner - Follow the Leader

    • Movement - Partner - Escape and Evade

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