Meditation & Awareness training

If there is one practice which permeates the martial arts regardless of style, country of origin or tradition it is the training of the mind. Famous martial artists from throughout history have placed great emphasis on mind training techniques to increase their martial skills and improve their lives. Coach Chris Davis has been practicing and studying meditation and awareness techniques for over 20 years, and understands the power of these methods for mental health, focus and performance. This course is an introduction to some of the methods he has found most useful.

Of proven and concrete benefit to our health

Meditation, mindfulness and awareness training is of proven benefit to our health, be that our mental health, emotional health or even physical health. A dedicated routine of meditation can provide insights into the health of our minds, problems and concerns that my be lingering and areas of the body that are holding tension.
Of proven and concrete benefit to our health

Techniques, methods and guidence

This course is designed to provide you with everything you need to begin a meditation and awareness practice. You will lern the types of practice that we will use, the techniques that you can use to help you with your practice, a schedule of training and then guided meditations to listen too and follow along.
Techniques, methods and guidence

A practice of universal benefit

It is not only martial artists and spiritual seekers that have dedicated themselves to daily meditation practice, many of the worlds top performers from many sports, businesses and organisations also have this practice as a root of their daily routine. Start today with 4 weeks of planned and progressive practice to understand why so many people value meditation and mindfulness so strongly.
A practice of universal benefit

Course curriculum

  • 01
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    • Welcome to MB Mind
    • About Meditation & Awareness training
    • Mindfulness practice
    • Awareness training
    • Using the breath
    • Using Mantra
    • Selecting a set & setting
    • Common pitfalls
  • 02
    Meditation Techniques
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    • Posture and Position
    • Body Awareness & State
    • Personal Practice
    • Technique 1 - Following the Breath
    • Technique 2 - releasing thoughts with the out breath
    • Technique 3 - Minimizing the pause
    • Technique 4 - Descriptive Mantra
  • 03
    Awareness Techniques
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    • Introduction to Awareness training
    • Technique 1 - basic awareness training
    • Technique 2 - Extending our awareness
    • Closing thoughts
  • 04
    1 month of Meditation & Awareness
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    • Meditation schedule
  • 05
    Guided Practices
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    • SESSION 1 - 5 Minute Meditation
    • SESSION 2 - 5 Minute awareness session
    • SESSION 3 - 10 Minutes of meditation
    • SESSION 4 - 10 minutes of awareness
    • SESSION 5 - MB Mind Session

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