Build on the basics and unleash your whole body Spiral Skill.

The SpiralBody is the creation of deep internal spiral power that enhances your health, strength, efficiency and martial movement. This phase 2 course takes you deeper into the SpiralBody, building and engraining your body skill with complex movements and precise control. SpiralBody Foundations was a groundbreaking investigation of the basics of complex movement, Now advance your understanding with SpB - Phase 2!

A plain language, easy to follow approach to internal spiral power.

The movements and skills presented in this course transform your body and movement. Those martial artists who have gained skill in SpiralBody are hard to control and hard to stop. With clear, no-nonsense, information that cuts right to the heart of whole body Spiral power, this Phase 2 course is a must for anyone wanting the keys to deep and effective body method.

A clear progression of movement complexity and its benefit.

This course gives you a clear and progressive program to understand whole body spirals. From Stretching your spiralling tissues, to the role of rotation in the joints, to specific 'master key' SpiralBody techniques, everything you need is here. Build your body skill alone, then test with your friends using the easy to follow and train Partner Drills.

Develop depth and efficiency in your body method

Far from only overt large circling motions, this course teaches you to 'Go Inside' in develop a deep and complex movement that is condensed and powerful. The SpiralBody moves from overt or obvious, to subtle and hidden, and all of the skills needed to make your skill condensed, hidden, but hugely powerful, can be found in this Phase 2 Training.

Course curriculum

  1. 1
    • Welcome to SpiralBody Phase 2

    • Why Spirals are useful

    • The 3 requirements in this course

    • Stretching your Spirals

    • The importance of rotation

    • Containment

    • The Working Centre in SpiralBody training

    • Using intent in SpiralBody training

  2. 2
    • Spiral stretches intro

    • Taut Body Recap

    • Spine spiral stretch

    • Leg spiral stepping

    • Arm spiral stretch

    • Whole body turning stretch

  3. 3
    • Building Spirals with Joint Rotation

    • Rotation of the Spine

    • Adding Rotation of Shoulder and Hip

    • Adding Rotation of Elbows & Knees

    • Adding Rotation of Hands & Feet to create full body rotations

  4. 4
    • SpiralBody Training Intro

    • Condensed Spiral Method

    • Standard Spiral Method

    • Reverse Spiral Method

    • Cloud Hands

    • Reverse Cloud Hands

  5. 5
    • The working centre and SpiralBody

    • The importance of intent to enhance the practice

  6. 6
    • Spiral Partner Training Intro

    • Condensed Spiral Method

    • Twisting Grips

    • Simple Circling

    • Spiral Power Testing

  7. 7
    • Spiral vs strength

    • Spirals in Striking

    • Spirals in throws

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