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In the early days of MMA, grapplers taught a valuable lesson to the world, painfully reminding everybody that you just cant ignore an entire aspect of combat. Then wrestlers shared an even more important one: No matter how good you are in one rang...

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In the early days of MMA, grapplers taught a valuable lesson to the world, painfully reminding everybody that you just cant ignore an entire aspect of combat. Then wrestlers shared an even more important one: No matter how good you are in one range or position if I can choose where is going to happen the fight and keep you there. Both lessons let us infer a third one: Mastering transitions leads to be able to dictate the progress of a combat. Here is where Stable Body can help us immensely. Stability is the bedrock of changes. Far from being a defensive feature, being stable means that we can control and steamroll through our opponents without being affected by their counters. Being super hard to sweep and throw while fully able to deliver your power is something you definitely want to have in your arsenal.

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Destroying the structure

Many of the techniques of the martial arts, especially in grappling, depend on us being able to manipulate our partner or opponents structure in some way. We often want to distort their posture, change the alignment of their spine, their shoulders and hips or pull them out of their base of support. These tactics can be stunningly effective when utilized by an expert who can get you out of balance from the moment they make contact.

Developing natural resistance to distortion

We could try to counter these tactics with other techniques or tactics of course, but a far easier way is to create a body that naturally avoids distortion. That is the goal of StableBody training where we ingrain an acute sense of our alignment and position. The slightest deviation from our optimum alignment, even when moving at speed, becomes instantly recognizable and the body always attempts to return to the right position, without conscious thought.Counter

Re-aligning ourselves

Initially, StableBody is a process of increasing our awareness. We train to directly feel where the balance of the body is, how it is skewed through any remaining tension (which we will resolve by heading back to HeavyBody) and how joints, limbs and the spine may be misaligned. Once we can directly feel these issues, we can correct the positions and hold them in place or during slow movement to embed the corrections.

Posture = Health

Creating good alignments isn’t only relevant to martial arts of course. The understanding of the need for good posture has begun to permeate our lives as modern people have become more sedentary. StableBody training will give you the tools to recognize when your posture is compromised, or you are habitually creating poor posture habits. It will also give you some tools to create ever better posture for greater health and vitality.

StableBody | An Overview

  • Target misalignments

    Misalignment creates tension, which creates disfunction. If you are hunched, slumped, or twisted in some way ... you need to know!

  • Save your Energy

    Misalignment burns energy. If you are constantly walking around, sitting or standing with some postural flaw your body is having to work to maintain balance. Becoming more aligned and stable will give you more energy.

  • Balance yourself

    Front, back, left, right, up and down, we should be as capable of moving in any direction as another. With StableBody training we achieve balance and harmony in the body so that we can move effectively with stability.

  • Increase Positional Security

    When your Joints are harmonised and your body aligned you will feel much harder to move around and have much more apparant power. Great for Grapplers & Strikers Alike!

  • Increase Power

    Any good olympic lifter knows that form is everything! Lift something misaligned and you will probably break something. Well in fighting it is no different, alignment produces higher forces with less risk of injury.

  • Feel better

    When our posture is good, it is reflected in our mood. Focusing time on improving our relationship with our posture and position will have a positive impact on our minds and wellbeing.

Course curriculum

  1. 1
    • Welcome to StableBody Foundations - Training to increase our stability.

    • Training Guide

    • Introduction

    • The importance of Propriocption

    • Introducing Intent

    • The Hands & Feet

    • The Junctures & Centre points

  2. 2
    • Technique Library

    • SECTION 1 - Sensing the Body

    • Technique 1 - Waking up the Tissues

    • Technique 2 - Waking up the Skeleton

    • Technique 3 - Waking up the feet - Forward Back

    • Technique 4 - Waking up the feet - Side to Side

    • Technique 5 - Setting up the Frame

    • SECTION 2 - Finding the Body Centres

    • Technique 1 - Finding the Centre

    • Technique 2 - 6 directions from the centre

    • Technique 3 - Finding the Centre of the legs

    • Technique 4 - Finding the Centre of the arms

    • SECTION 3 - Harmonizing the Body

    • Harmonising Introduction

    • Technique 1 - Anchors of the Axis

    • Technique 2 - Linking the shoulders and hips

    • Technique 3 - Linking the Elbows and Knees

    • Technique 4 - Linking the Hands and Feet

    • SECTION 4 - Stable Movement

    • Stable Movement introduction

    • Movement 1 - Same Side Stepping

    • Movement 2 - Leaping side to side

    • Movement 3 - Turning Horse Steps

    • Movement 4 - Shikko 1 - Body Box

    • Movement 5 - Floor Crawl 1 - Basic

    • Movement 6 - Tightrope Floor Crawl

  3. 3
    • Awakening the Body

  4. 4
    • Testing with friends

    • Returning from contortion

    • 2 Point Pushing

    • Stable Steps

    • Single Point Pushing

    • Lead & Follow game

    • Isolated push game

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