Stability, harmony and structure through the training of the StableBody

Your StableBody skill comes from training, REALLY training! The StableBody Sessions are a series of full MartialBody classes led by head instruction Chris Davis that will help you to develop the StableBody Attribute. Drawing techniques from the Foundations, Phase 2 and never before seen advanced practices, these sessions will immerse you in the training to advance your structure.

Attend a MartialBody Classes in own home.

These classes are drawn from the back catalogue of weekly virtual MartialBody sessions. These sessions follow a set pattern, often focusing on a specific subject for weeks at a time. This course gives you access to a specially selected series of full classes that you can follow along with in your own home. Sometimes it can be hard to know what to train and when. Take the guess work out, with these MartialBody Sessions and develop your StableBody Skill.

Course curriculum

  1. 1
    • Welcome to the MartialBody Sessions

    • Using this Material

    • Creating a regular practice

    • Listening to your body

  2. 2
    • StableBody Session

    • Balancing & Stable Control

    • StableBody Movement

    • StableBody Movement and Standing Post

    • StableBody training

    • Standing Post Training

    • StableBody Session

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